Nixie FM Radio Clock  - create something unique

Create your own unique vintage radio knowing that these were never built because Nixies weren't available before 1950 and that even after that they were too expensive for the domestic market.


Kits are pre-assembled and tested.


  • FM radio receiver

  • Clock (RTC with battery back-up)

  • Alarm (Radio turns on at last station)

  • Auto Nixie shut-down for IN-1 displays

  • Available in either IN-1 or IN-12 Nixies

  • Seperate audio amp available

The Circuit uses:

  • KTmicro KT0830 digital FM receiver. (last station frequency stored in memory)

  • Dallas Real Time Clock with battery back-up for time retention. Accurate to within a few minutes per year. Simple to correct time.

  • Digital rotary encoder for frequency, time and alarm settings.
Build example
Retrofit example
Retrofit example

Example of a Philco type casing with Nixies replacing tuning dial

Power requirements:        12V AC/DC 500mA

Supplied:                              PCB's, tubes, components, circuit  diagrams.

Not supplied:                      12V power adapter, speaker, knobs,                                                                      audio amp, casing materials.

Options:                               4Watt Mono Audio amp, brass bezels

Grandmother clock fitted with Radio Clock

FM Radio Clock using IN-1 Nixie tubes

              175 x 60mm

Two display versions available - IN1 and IN-12


FM Radio Clock using IN-12 Nixie tubes



Front View

IN-1 pre-assembled

Front View

Rear View

Rear View

IN-12 radio/clock pre-assembled

Side View

Valve radio conversion

PYE Valve radio (1947) reborn

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