Nixie Clock IN-12 display

Nixie Clock with Hourly Digital Chime - 6am - 10pm

Chiming nixie clock

This 4 digit (HH.MM) uses Soviet IN-12 Nixie

tubes (Old stock, unused and pre-tested).

The circuit uses a Dallas Real Time Clock IC with battery back-up for time retention. It is accurate to a few minutes per year. Time correction is simply achieved with 2 buttons.



Dim. 95mmW x 55mmH x 60mmD   (incl.  Nixies)


Power requirement: 12VDC 200mA  2,4VA

(use local 12V6W wall adapter).


Supplied:  PCBs, all components and Nixies, circuit diagrams and instructions.


Not Supplied; 12V power adapter, casing materials

The small PCB foot-print makes this unit idealfor retro-fitting into old mantle clocks

Rear View of Nixie IN-12 chiming clock

Speaker 70x70x70mm  1watt

Retro fit example

Retro-fit example

Retro-fit example
Deconstruct example

Modern de-construct

Nixie Clock IN-14 display

Nixie IN-14 clock

6x IN-12 Nixie (20mm high) numeric displays (HH.MM.SS) 

Dallas DS1307 RTC real time clock

Battery back-up for time retention (up to 5 years)


Dim. 150mm(W) x 95mm(H) x 57mm(D)   (incl.  Nixies in base)



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