Nixie Build Ideas

Please send your design for display in this gallery.
Hermle mantle clock conversion
Modern deconstruct nixie clock
Hermle Mantel Clock

Re-finnished and a Nixie Clock Kit installed

A simply modern de-construct

Be creative with plastics, metals and wood.

Nixie mantle clock
A Typical Mantel Clock NixieClock conversion
A Grandmother clock case
fitted with Clock FM Radio kit
Nixie clock IN-14 on stainless steel
IN-14 clock in Brass base
  Pre-built IN-14 Clocks
CREATE your own ...
Clock - FM Radio kit fitted to a Philco style DIY case Or fit this kit to your SteamPunk creation
SteamPunk ...Created by Dewaal Pieterse. Western Cape, South Africa
Steampunk nixie clock
Deon Fourie - Steampunk clock
Nixie clock with chime

Nixie clock with hourly chime

Hourly digital chime 6am - 10pm.

Fit to old mantle clocks

PYE Valve Radio (ca1947)

Case stripped and re-finished. Valves and chassis discarded.


Nixie display with FM radio/clock fitted with high quality speaker.


Sounds great! 

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